Scientist and Alien invasions

Scientists say the UN must form a Supra-Earth division, to organize the planet for alien contact. In a piece of writing headlined "Earth should brace oneself for close encounters with aliens, say scientists"

World governments ought to prepare a well organized action set up just in case Earth is contacted by aliens, per scientists. They argue that a branch of the United Nations should have responsibility for "supra-Earth affairs" and devise a plan for the way to handle Aliens, if and once they arrive. The comments are a part of an extraterrestrial-themed edition of the Philosophical Transcriptions of the Royal Society as printed. In it, scientists examine all aspects of the hunt for ET lifeforms, from astronomers and biologists to the political and spiritual fallout that will result from alien contact.

"Will an appropriate method supported by professional recommendations from correct and accountable scientists arise the least bit, or can interests of power and opportunity set the scene?" asked prof John Zarnecki of the Open University and Dr Martin Dominik of the University of St Andrews within the introductory paper. "A lack of co-ordination are often avoided by making an overarching framework during an actual world effort ruled by a global politically legitimated body." The pair argue that the United Nations includes a ready-made mechanism for such a forum in its Committee on the Peaceful Uses of outer space.

According to Simon Conway Morris, a prof of evolutionary paleobiology at Cambridge University, anyone planning for alien contact ought to brace oneself for the worst. Evolution on alien worlds, he said, is probably going to be Darwinian in nature. Morris argues that life anyplace else within the universe can thus, in all probability, have vital similarities with life on Earth. Particularly if it comes from Earth-like worlds that have similar biological molecules to ours. Which means ET may resemble us, defects and all, with our tendencies towards violence and exploitation. "Why should we 'prepare for the worst'? 1st, if intelligent aliens exist, they're going to look a bit like us, and given our less than superb history, this could provide us pause for thought," wrote Morris within the journal's special issue.

Ted Peters, a prof of systematic theology at the Pacific Lutheran theological Seminary in California, thought-about what would possibly happen to the world's religions within the event of ET making contact. Standard knowledge suggests that terrestrial faith would collapse if the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) were confirmed. He wrote. "Because our spiritual traditions developed their key beliefs at intervals from an ancient view currently out of date, would stun new information dislodge our pre-modern dogmas? Are spiritual believers Earth-eccentric, so contact with ET would de-centre and marginalise our sense of self-importance? Do our ancient religions rank us groups of people on top of life's hierarchy, therefore if we tend to meet ETI who are smarter than us will we tend to lose our superior rank? If we are created in God's image, such as biblical traditions teach, can we be able to share that divine image with our new neighbors?"

His conclusion, however, is that faith in Earth's major religions would survive intact. "Theologians won't find themselves out of employment. In fact, theologians would possibly relish the new challenges to exploit classical spiritual commitments in light of the new and wider vision of God's creation."

"Traditional theologians should then become astrotheologians. What I forecast is this: contact with extraterrestrial intelligence can expand the present spiritual vision that every one of creation – together with the 13.7 billion-year history of the universe replete with all of God's creatures – is that the gift of a loving and gracious God," he speculated.

Truth or theory, the numerous documented facts regarding Aliens, Unidentified Flying Saucers, and Alien abductions are out there. It's not for anyone to come to a decision if they're truth or fiction, but for everyone to bear in mind that there may well be something unidentified out there, intelligent life forms, space Aliens, or just U.F.O.s however the documents and cover-ups all provide fuel for the Conspiracy theorists, including the UFO theorists and Alien theorists. (Simon Conway Morris, a professor of evolutionary palaeobiology at Cambridge University)

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