Aliens Visitations on Earth

"There isn't just intelligent life on different planets, they're here looking at and dealing with us as we breath, and continually are." I'm certain we've heard this statement before at some time in our life, whether or not you want to believe in intellegent life on different planets, or simply suppose it's a hoax to create cash from newspapers, and toys or gadgets, doesn't matter. What matters is; There are individuals who offer elaborate accounts of being kidnapped, or having close encounters with outer space aliens, or UFOs.

The earliest documented abduction case file was by Thomas E. Reed and family kidnapped back within the 1950's. But the case wasn't documented till Apr of 2010. That leaves over 60 years between the original abduction, and also the documented story, thoughts, dreams, even discussions might create actual facts of this case appear far-fetched.

The most recent case file concerning abductions was by couple, Clayton Lee, and donna Lee back in December of 2005. The Lee couple claims they had been abducted by aliens many times, as well as an occurrence where a fetus was taken from Mrs. Lee, per the local six news. Clayton Lee says he was a young kid playing in a Houston park the first time he was abducted. He reports he was raised within the air at the time of the alleged abduction. "I remember simply floating up higher and higher and the only thing that was around were stars and blackness. And then, I blacked out." Mr. Lee recollects.

Local 6 News showed video of a psychologist making an attempt to retrieve recollections of the abduction. "They're touching me quit touching me," Clayton Lee screamed in horror throughout the session. Susan Clancy, who is a Harvard psychiatrist, determined to try and do studies on people's abduction claims just like the Lee family's. Clancy ran a commercial looking for people that wished to be included in her book regarding alien abductions. "When I ran the first ad probing for people that thought they had been abducted by aliens, I assumed we might get only a few calls, however we were inundated with replies for a month once we ran one ad," Clancy exclaimed. These are simply a few of cases that claim abduction, there are too many to even attempt to list. however they're there. a google search turned up a government website within the United Kingdom "UFO files | recently released files from The National Archives"

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