What is the Beast Of Gevaudan

This creature was reported being as big as a large calf or young cow, it was covered with a fur that was reddish, the head was big and wolf-like, and more brown than the rest of the body, the jaws are always gaping, the ears are short and straight, the chest white and very broad, the tail very long and thick, the tip white, the back paws very big and long, according to some having hooves like a horse, those of the front were shorter and covered with a long fur, having six claws to each paw.The Beast of Gevaudan

Once when the creature was sighted crossing a river, it raised itself on its hind legs and waded over like a human being. Furthermore it was very agile and extremely strong. It was sometimes sighted in locations very far apart on the same day. When hunting it crawled almost with its belly to the ground. One shepherd claimed it could stand up on its rear legs and was strong enough to lift a fullgrown sheep with its arms. Dogs fled in terror from it as most other animals.

One odd fact worth noting, is that some measurements of distances between footprints showed the creature could make leaps of over 28 feet on level ground, when running.

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Sightings of the Beast Of Gevaudan

There were two mysterious cases reported during the times of the creatures attacks. Three women were going to church near the wood of Favart, when a dark man offered to escort them through the woods. They refused and before leaving he touched one of them with a fur-covered hand. Soldiers arriving on the scene just after the incident warned the terrified women not to go into the woods, because the creature had just been seen there.

Two women of Escures also on the way to church had a similar experience in an area where, unknown to them, the creature had just been seen by several people. This time they saw that the man accosting them was covered in fur only when his shirt blew open in the wind. It was said at the time the creature was called an instrument of the Devil, and besides killing, was trying to stop people from going to Mass.

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