BigFoot Sightings

The most recent bigfoot sighting has been recorded by the bigfoot field researchers organization (BFRO) on May 30, 2012 by a woman in Georgia. It was a residential neighborhood close to Lake Cheehaw and Keechafoonee Creek in Lee County.

Reported: The lady went outside to put her trash can at the street around midnight. The only light was the porch lights on the house behind her. When she walked around the corner of the house, she saw what looked like something standing at her neighbor's fence. What she reports she saw was standing at the back of the fence, on her side of the fence, maybe, but not sure. She reports seeing a silhouette standing 1 and a half feet to 2 feet above the fence. All she could see was the silhouette of the shoulders and head and hair sticking up over the fence. It had long hair and it was not really moving. Only the hair would move, she reports.

She thought it was a person who had stopped and stood still when it saw her. But realized it was too big to be a person. She admits having bad eyesight at night, and even wears glasses. However, she does have a masters degree, and remains a logical person. She originally shrugged it off as shadows playing tricks on her in the darkness. But she still felt uneasy and ran inside her home as fast as she could.

The next day she went outside and looked for whatever it was that might have looked like a bigfoot. But there was nothing there. No plants, no trees, nothing propped up against the fence, no spanish moss, just a fence. While that corner of the yard is dark and lights barely shine there from the windows, there was definitely nothing taller than the fence and nothing that looked like a head and shoulders. She estimated, that it was at least 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 feet tall.

After speaking with the witness and researching the local area, BFRO believes she may have seen a Sasquatch. The unexplainable sounds of things hitting the house supports typical Sasquatch behavior too. When looking at the location of her house it is possible that Bigfoots go scavenging through the new neighborhood from the forest. Garbage cans and backyard gardens could provide a food source.

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Another Bigfoot Sighting in Georgia

The witness is a paranormal investigator. He started investigating a very old and remote cemetery in the summer of 2011. The cemetery is so old no one goes there. He and his colleagues on several occasions heard what sounded like things being thrown at them and wood knocks. This went on for several weeks, and they thought it was noise from a haunting. They later started hearing howls and whoops which they were able to record on tape. Unfortunately the recordings were of poor quality and the photos of the tracks were taken with a cell phone so they did not show enough detail. While doing research on what could be making the sounds, they discovered that typical bigfoot behavior involves - throwing objects, wood knocks, whoops and howls. They also discovered that there are many reports of bigfoots in graveyards. See Stan Courtney's article on Cemetaries and Squatches.

One morning, after a night of investigating, they walked to the edge of the cemetery toward a rock outcropping. They were shocked to see two large dark brown bigfoots. The larger one, approximately 7 feet tall, stood staring at them for about 2 minutes. When they attempted to get closer, the bigfoots turned to walk away but not before the smaller adult reached down and grabbed a baby. The baby had been sitting in the tall grass. The witness describes the baby as about the size of a human 3 year old. When it grabbed the baby it lifted it up and sat it on its shoulder. They rapidly walked into the woods with their arms swinging, in a fluid motion but did not seem alarmed.

Once the witness had seen the bigfoots, they returned many times hoping for another encounter. They have heard howls and screams, breaking branches, and found tracks of different sizes. They have had many return whoops. They have also found stick structures that were large enough for a 6'3" frame to walk into.

The witnesses described the bigfoots in better detail:

  1. The three were dark brown, not black.
  2. The larger adult had a pug nose and human-like features.
  3. The head shape was more pointed than round.
  4. Arms seemed to be down to their knees.

While out bigfooting one evening, four other gentleman pulled up. They were active duty infantry trained Army soldiers camping in the area and bigfooting as well. He also had an encounter one night camping there. On a cold night in February, the four had just started to eat dinner when they noticed a "wet dirty dog" smell. They also heard heavy, but slow footsteps and breaking branches. The four fanned out in a triangulated search, thinking they could force it out by the lake. They were surprised that it seemed to slip past them. They were unnerved enough that before they began a night watch, they fired a warning shot in the air. They took turns at watch and did not hear, see, or smell anything else that night. Because of this experience they have returned to the area.

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