Cave Demons Attack in Afghanistan

A routine military patrol goes drastically wrong when it encounters something terrifying deep in the caves of Afghanistan. On January 25, 2002, U.S. Marines in Afghanistan experience sonar interference coming from a cave near Tora Bora, which renders their sonar cave-mapping system useless. Believing it to be a jamming device built by the Taliban or Al-Queda, Corporals Lattrel Wade, Derrek Sawyer and Sergeant Carlos Ramos investigate the cave, planning to destroy whatever is causing the interference. They use helmet cameras to record their mission. As they venture deeper into the cave, the soldiers discover lots of bats living in the cave. Corporal Wade triggers a booby trap and falls into a lower section of the cave, breaking his back. As he lies there, he spots something flying past. The others find him and he seems dazed and confused. Corporal Wade mutters that he saw what looked "like a lady." One of the remaining Marines shouts that a woman might be down there and can help them, but the other dismisses it as a hallucination. The remaining Marines decide to investigate the signal, instead of dismissing the mission to fully rescue the corporal, so they won't have to come back at a later time, and then come back to rescue Wade. As they reach the signal, it disappears and reappears at Wade's position. Wade is then heard firing off his M4 carbine and screaming. The two Marines rush to his position only to find him dead. The two Marines leave Wade's body again, to find the interference. They come across a nest of Cave Demons and are attacked by a swarm of them. It destroys their flashlights as they fire their weapons at the creatures. 9 hours later, a rescue party is sent in. The party only finds Sergeant Carlos Ramos limping away from the cave. He is discovered to have a rare case of rabies, but he is still sent home and reunited with his wife and child. The bodies of Corporals Wade and Sawyer were never recovered.

Whatever it was down in that cave of Afghanistan, Bat People, Cave Demons, or just Giant Bats, it will remain a mystery.

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