Chupacabras - The unexplained goat sucker

The literal translation for the Spanish word "chupacabra" is "goat sucker." This creature has been a constant conundrum to cryptozoologists (scientists who study animals that may or may not be real) in North and South America for more than 50 years.

The first reported attacks occurred in March 1995 in Puerto Rico. In the attacks, eight sheep were discovered dead, each with three puncture wounds in the chest area and all blood drained from their lifeless bodies. Months later, an eyewitness, Madelyne Tolentino, reported seeing the creature in the Puerto Rican town of Canóvanas, where as many as 150 farm animals and pets were reportedly killed in the same fashion. 20 years earlier in 1975, similar killings in the small town of Moca, were attributed to The Vampire of Moca. It was originally suspected that the killings were committed by a Satanic cult; later more killings were reported around the island, and many farms reported loss of livestock. Each of the animals were reported to have been bled dry through a series of small circular puncture wounds.

Puerto Rican comedian and entrepreneur Silverio Pérez is credited with coining the term chupacabras soon after the first incidents were reported in the press. Shortly after the first reported incidents in Puerto Rico, other animal deaths were reported in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Brazil, United States, and Mexico.

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