Devil Dragon Sightings

Australia once had monitor lizards that was 10 - 20 feet larger than the Komodo dragon. Scientists and Cryptozoologists call it megalania prisca, a reptile reaching 30 feet long and weighing around 1,000 pounds or more. The Devil Dragon is on the list of creatures extinct from the ice age. Or is it extinct? The creature has been sighted many times in the last century, and some sightings suggest that it lives also in New Guinea.

One afternoon, a survey engineer returned to his work truck. Tired, and exhausted He spotted what he thought was a fallen tree near his car. Blaming his fatigue for his lack of details he climbed in his car and slammed the door. The "log" suddenly bolted away! It ended up being a lizard of 15 feet in length. Australian cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy is convinced these creatures are still alive and it is only a matter of time before one is captured or killed and brought in.

As recently as the late 1970s there have been Devil Dragon sightings. In July of 1979, Rex Gilroy was told about footprints of the monster found in a recently plowed field. throughout the field were 30 or so tracks from this enormous lizard. Although rain ruined most of the prints Dr. Gilroy was able to make a casting of one footprint that wasn't damaged by the rainfall. The footprint looked surprisingly like something that might have been made by a Devil Dragon.

Also in 1979 a sighting of Devil Dragon arose, this time by the best possible witness. Herpetologist Frank Gordon, after conducting some field work in the Wattagan Mountains in New South Wales, returned to his vehicle. After starting his engine he saw, what he at first thought was a log, scampering off. It ended up being a lizard of some 30 feet or more in length.

Another incident includes a farmer who observed a gigantic lizard walking along one of his fields. It walked along a wire fence, so the farmer used a set of fence posts as a guide. His estimate of the beast was a length of twenty to twenty-five feet. The size corresponds with megalania Prisca.

Australia might not be the only place The Devil Dragon is living. Some sightings have been spotted in New Guinea also. A French priest in the 1960's was traveling up the river with a native guide in order to reach his mission. During the trip he spotted a Devil Dragon lying on a fallen tree in the sun. He told the native to stop, but the native knowing of the dangers of this monster, kept going. The priest returned to the spot the following morning and measured the tree. It was 40 feet long, yet the lizard almost matched it.

Whether or not megalania is still alive today is uncertain, but Aborigines will continue to tell stories of the Devil Dragon.

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Explorer/Survivalist Tim Akron, Eatten by Devil Dragon

In 2007 this monster was caught on film by a survivalist Tim Akron, in the Daintree Rainforest of Australia. Tim Akron was making a documentary of an extreme Survival show, What he didn't realize was it would be his last documentary, and he wouldn't survive.

He was to be dropped in a remote location, with no food, no shelter, and only his survival skills and a camera to protect him from the wild life in this unexplored area. his documentary was to last seven days. He would survive for 2 days of this exploration. On his first day, he discovers human remains in the area, and accidently films the Devil Dragon. He does not know of the filming, and dismisses the accident as rainforest wild life.

Later that same day he is bitten by this Megalinia while searching for food. The Devil Dragon, like other lizards known to man, has a saliva substance that is very toxic to victims that have been bitten. As time goes by the infection spreads, and as Tim tries to get to a remote village, 5 miles away, for medical help, he meets the predator with his demise.

Tim was never found but, when his camera was found, it was covered in the saliva from the creature that took the life of Tim Akron. When the DNA was tested from the saliva, it did not match any other DNA that scientists have ever seen before. This was a horrible thing to happen, and this monster will be placed in the textbooks as being extinct until one is actually found, captured, killed, or brought in for research. May your film not be put to rest with you Tim Akron, but used to create an expedition to bring this creature in for research.

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