The Famous Ghosts and Spirits

Many Ghosts or Spirits have become famous throughout the years. Below you will find many stories about these ghosts. Discover who they were, where they are, and why they haunt the many places deemed as Haunted Houses, Haunted Castles, or even Haunted Penitentiarys.

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West Virginia State Penitentiary Ghosts and Hauntings

West Virginia State Penitentiary is considered to be the most frightening haunted prison in America. Given the ghost stories and history of the prison it's obvious why. It was decided that the prison would be extended in 1929; however, the construction was not completed until 1959. In these 30 years the prison was grossly overcrowded with some cells having three inmates each.

West Virginia State Penitentiary has performed many executions over the years, either by hanging or electricution. Executions were not the only deaths in the prison: illness, overcrowding and riots killed many inmates. Over the years visitors and paranormal investigators have reported being touched or feeling something close to them, many have also felt as if someone was watching them. most people have frequently reported sightings of three different ghosts.

The Maintenance Man

This is the most popular of the three ghost hauntings reported. The time W Va State Penitentiary was a prison, an inmate working as a maintenance man would spy on the inmates and report the other inmate's bad behavior to the guards. One day when he was in the bathroom 'the maintenance man' was attacked by several inmates and vicously murdered. He is said to be lurking in the bathroom where he was savagely killed, but he makes no contact with the living.

Robert the Inmate

Robert was an inmate who was violently murdered by the prison guards who were known to be physically abusive towards the worse inmates. They would beat them to 'near' death, but this time 'near' was too far and they killed Robert. His remains are said to be buried behind one of the walls in the prison. Robert's spirit walks the prison to this day terrifying anyone he comes into contact.

Avril Adkins

Last, but certainly not least, is the ghost of Avril Adkins. Adkins was sentenced to hang by the neck until death. He was taken to the gallows for hanging but something went wrong during the execution process and Avril fell through the gallows' trap doors before the noose was around his neck; while he bled out from head injuries. The guards picked him up, took him back up the stairs and hung him again. This time he died. Many visitors to the prison say they have seen him walking around the gallows where he died.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London has a long and bloody history, and of course many ghostly legends are associated with the Tower. In 1483, two young princes were murdered in the Tower, and their ghosts were reported to have haunted the tower until the year 1674, when their bones were found and buried in a proper ceremony.The most famous ghost in the Tower is Sir Walter Raleigh. The spiritual presence of Sir Walter Raleigh is one of many ghosts being sought by ghost hunters at the Tower of London.

Lets take a look at these Famous Ghosts and get a closer understanding of who they are, and why they haunt the Tower of London.

Sir Walter Raleigh

Many have heard of Sir Walter Raleigh, and some might say that his ghost is more well known than he was in real life. As an English explorer and a writer, Raleigh lived an adventurous life and did not back down from trouble or controversy.

In the 1580's, Sir Walter Raleigh attempted to bring colonies to the new world, America. They landed at a small island called Roanoke Island in Virginia. Several years later, Raleigh tried another time to bring people to Roanoke Island and while many stayed behind, John White returned to England to locate additional supplies for them. White's plans were to return with supplies in a year, but was unable to make the trip. Several years after, the supplies arrived and all of the settlers had simply vanished. To this day, no one knows if they were murdered or what exactly happened to them. This mystery in Virginia is considered one of America's great unsolved mysteries.

Years later and after stretching the truth about his discoveries of a city in south America, trouble was ahead for Sir Walter Raleigh. He was suspected to be involved in a plot against King James 1. The King did not like Sir Walter Raleigh very much, so when Queen Elizabeth 1 died in the early 1600s, Sir Walter Raleigh was placed in the Tower of London. Thirteen years later, he was released and once again, Raleigh returned to South America. With little success for his troubles, he returned to London, was arrested and put on trial, found guilty, and beheaded.

It is said that Sir Walter Raleigh's ghost now haunts the Tower of London. He is said to haunt a location very near to the cell that he stayed in. Many have thought that spirits will remain in a place that has great importance from their lives. It makes perfect sense that Sir Walter Raleigh would choose to remain in the Tower of London now, as he had been placed there against his will twice. This must have had a great impact on his life. It is said that some ghosts simply wind up re-living the events of their lives over and over.

The Two Little Princes in the Tower

The mystery of the two little princes in the Tower have captivated paranormal researchers for several years. The two little princes were Edward V and his younger brother Richard, The Duke of York.

Edward V and Richard, The Duke of York

Edward V was the eldest son of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. He was born in 1470 and ascended the throne when his father died April 9th 1483. But he reigned as King for two months before disappearing from the Tower of London. Because he was a minor of 13 years old, his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, was entrusted as Protector of his young nephew. Richard had always been a loyal and trusted follower of his brother King Edward IV. The coronation of the young prince was set for June 22, 1483. As tradition dictated the coronation procession would take place from the Tower of London, through the City of London to Westminster Abbey. The 12-year-old prince was staying at Ludlow Castle when the news came of his father's sudden death and the young prince became King Edward V. The young prince started the journey from Ludlow to the Tower of London for his coronation.

Richard of Shrewsbury, The 1st Duke of York, was the second son of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. He was born in 1473 and the younger brother of Edward V. He also headed for the royal castle to prepare for the coronation ceremony of his brother in the Tower of London.

Queen Elizabeth Woodville, was an ambitious woman, and disliked by many. After the death of King Edward IV strong doubts were cast on the legitimacy of the two little princes by Robert Stillington, the Bishop of Bath and Wells, Lord Chancellor of England. Stillington presented evidence that King Edward IV had a secret marriage to Lady Eleanor Talbot in 1461 who was still alive when he married Elizabeth Woodville in 1464. Even though Lady Eleanor Talbot died in a convent in June 1468, the marriage between King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville was declared bigamy, and invalidated the marriage with Elizabeth Woodville, making the two princes illegitimate. King Edward IV left seven living children, the two princes and five daughters.

The two little princes had no idea that anything was wrong. They trusted their uncle and Protector Richard of Gloucester and were awaiting the coronation set for June 22, 1483. Their father had just died in April of the same year and their world was quickly collapsing around them. First with the death of their father and then their uncle Gloucester intercepted Edward's escort as it travelled to London. Many of the young king's supporters were killed and William Hastings was arrested on a charge of treason and imprisoned in the Tower. Edward was escorted to London and then to the Tower. On June 16, 1483 he was joined by his brother Prince Richard, and the coronation was cancelled.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester was crowned King Richard III July 6, 1483. A Lancastrian rebellion rose against the Yorkist Richard and August 22, 1485 he fell in the Battle of Bosworth Field to Henry Tudor. Henry Tudor later became King Henry VII. Henry Tudor cemented his succession and settled the friction between the Yorkists and Lancastrians by marrying the Yorkist heir, Elizabeth of York. They started the Tudor dynasty and were the parents of King Henry VIII. But the mystery of the two little princes in the Tower haunted the Tudors.

In 1674 two skeletons were discovered in the White Tower under the stairs leading to the chapel. The skeletons were subsequently reburied in Westminster Abbey as ordered by King Charles II. The skeletons were believed to be the remains of the bodies of the two tragic Little Princes, Edward V and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York. The two little Princes were reputedly killed on the orders of their uncle the Duke of Gloucester, afterwards King Richard III.

Photos of Ghosts or Spirits

Photo of a Ghost or SpiritA group of amateur film-makers believe they may have proof that ghosts really do exist after one of them caught something strange on camera. George Gunn said he captured pictures of a ghostly apparition while out walking along a footpath in Outwood, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Mr Gunn, a member of Outwood Community Video Club, said he thought the figure looked like that of a Roman soldier. He said he had heard tales of ghosts being seen in the area. But he added: "I still don't believe in them." The apparition appears to be still in the footage, but fades momentarily as two people jog through it. Mr Gunn did not notice the figure until he reviewed his film later in the day, commenting "I've had the camera for quite a while now and I have never had any problems with lighting or sun glare or anything like that. Mike Hooley, who is also a member of the video club, said: "George rang me up and asked if I believed in ghosts." "I told him no and I still don't." "When I saw the film I was quite amazed really."

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