The Most Famous Haunted Houses

There are several Haunted Houses in the world. Below you will discover some of the most famous haunted houses in the world. These houses offer tours, as well as sleep overs, and all have had para-normal investigations done on them, and they have been confirmed as being haunted, with para-normal activity. All of the haunted houses have had gruesome murders that have taken place in the house, or murders of the occupants that have lived, or visited the house. If stories about Haunted houses scare you easily, then you might want to leave this page and go back to the home page of Unexplained Monsters, or maybe the home page of Urban Legends

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The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington D.C.

Haunted Houses - The White HouseFor years there have been reports that the White House is a large home to haunted activity. Visitors, staff and even White House residents have reported seeing the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln, Abigail Adams and Andrew Jackson, to. F.D.R., Dwight Eisenhower & Winston Churchill are among those who claimed to have seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. More recently, the Obamas claim to have repeatedly heard strange sounds and felt a sensation of someone gnawing at their feet in the middle of the night.

Abraham Lincoln

By far the most frequently reported sighting in the White House over the years has been the ghost--or at least the presence--of the celebrated 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, whose life was cut tragically short by an assassin's bullet in April 1865. Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge (1923-29), was the first person to say she had actually seen Lincoln's ghost. According to her, the lanky former president was standing looking out a window of the Oval Office, across the Potomac to the former Civil War battlefields beyond. Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon Johnson (1963-69), reportedly felt Lincoln's presence one night while watching a television program about his death.

Most notably, sightings of Lincoln's ghost were frequently reported during the long administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-45), who also presided over his country during a time of great upheaval. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt used the Lincoln Bedroom as her study, and said she would feel his presence when she worked there late at night. During her visit to the White House, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands heard a knock on her bedroom door in the night; when she answered it, she reportedly saw Lincoln's ghost, wearing his top hat, and fainted dead away. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who visited the White House more than once during World War II, told a story of emerging naked from his evening bath smoking his customary cigar, only to find a ghostly Lincoln sitting by the fireplace in his room.

Psychics have speculated that Lincoln's spirit remains in the White House to be on hand in times of crisis, as well as to complete the difficult work that his untimely death left unfinished.

Abigail Adams & John Adams

Abigail Adams and her husband John, the second president of the United States (1797-1801), moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from the former U.S. capital in Philadelphia. At the time, Washington, D.C. was still just a town, built mostly on swampy land on the banks of the Potomac River. Because the East Room of the new White House was the warmest and driest, Abigail used it to hang the wash. Her ghost, clad in a cap and lace shawl, has reportedly been seen heading towards the East Room, arms outstretched as if carrying laundry.

Andrew Jackson & Harry Truman's Ghosts

In 1824, Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson was defeated by John Quincy Adams in one of the most contentious presidential elections in history. Elected president four years later, the surly Jackson continued to hold grudges against those who had supported his opponent. In the early 1860s, First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln--who believed strongly in the occult, and reportedly held séances in the White House to commune with the spirits of her dead sons--told friends she had heard Jackson stomping and swearing through the halls of the presidential residence. The Rose Room, Jackson's bedchamber while he was president, is believed by some to be one of the most haunted rooms in the White House.

Jackson's ghostly presence also showed up in the White House correspondence of Harry Truman, America's 33rd president. In June 1945, just two months into his first term, Truman wrote to his wife Bess of the spooky quality of his new residence: "I sit here in this old house and work on foreign affairs, read reports, and work on speeches--all the while listening to the ghosts walk up and down the hallway and even right in here in the study. The floors pop and the drapes move back and forth--I can just imagine old Andy (Jackson) and Teddy (Roosevelt) having an argument over Franklin (Roosevelt)."

Villisca Ax Murder House

508 East 2nd st.
Villisca, Iowa

Haunted Houses - Villisca Axe Murder HouseOn June 12, 1912, all six members of the Moore family and two young houseguests were found bludgeoned to death by an ax in their home, turning this bucolic setting into the scene of a grisly crime. The murderer was never found, but the house in Villisca still boasts wandering spirits, children's crying voices and a door that mysteriously opens and closes. Today, the house is open for daytime tours and overnight sleepovers -- if you dare.

Haunted Houses - Villisca Axe Murder HeadlinesOver 100 years ago, long before serial killers and mass murders had become a way of life, two adults and 6 children were found brutally murdered in their beds in the small mid-western town of Villisca, Iowa. During the weeks that followed, life in this small town changed drastically. As residents of this small town reinforced locks, openly carried weapons and huddled together while sleeping, newspaper reporters and private detectives flooded the streets. Accusations, rumors and suspicion ran rampant among friends and families. Bloodhounds were brought in. Law enforcement agencies from neighboring counties and states joined forces. Hundreds of interviews filled thousands of pages. And yet, the murders remained unsolved, the murderer unpunished.

During the time after there have been many owners and renters in the home until 1994. In disrepair and close to being destroyed, Darwin and Martha Linn bought the old home in hopes of restoring it. Already rooted in the town's history, they own the Olson-Linn Museum located in the town square, the Linn's thought they would be preserving the area's history. They set out, using old pictures, renovating the home back to the original condition at the time of the murders in 1912.

It was the renovations that must have awaken the spirits there. The paranormal activity of the home has been reported to be very high. Many paranormal investigators have come to the home hoping to identify who might be haunting the location. Most that have come have not been disappointed. Reports of floating orbs, children playing, whispers, children laughing and giggling, falling lamps, banging sounds and objects moving around have all been described.

There is also an eerie, evil presence among the spirits in the home. This has been especially present in the attic where it is though the murderer hide waiting for the family to fall asleep. This spirit is thought by many to be the actual person who committed this ghastly act of violence. A reported told the story that when she opened the door to the attic, an unknown force kept her from entering the attic. She said it was almost like a force field at the door that would not let her cross.

The Schooner Hotel

United Kingdom
Alnmouth, Northumberland

Haunted Houses - The Schooner Hotel GhostJolly Old England is host to one of the oldest and most haunted hotels in the world. King George III, as well as Charles Dickens, had stayed here over the course of its history, and it is still open for overnight guests today. But would you stay? The British Poltergeist Society has proclaimed it The Most Haunted Hotel in Great Britain. And there have been over 3,000 sightings in the past few years. If you do decide to stay there, you might want to avoid rooms 17 and 28, as grisly murders and ghostly apparitions seem to be as commonplace there as afternoon tea.

One of the most popular ghost stories associated with this haunted hotel directly involves the room that is identified as "28". Rumor has it that an entire family was murdered in this room, but very few details have been released about this crime. However, individuals that work at the establishment and those that have visited the hotel have claimed that they have heard loud screams, faint whispers, and other types of unexplained sounds in and around the room. Many also claim that a young male rides a tricycle in the area that is near to the room marked as "17". Numerous other hauntings are said to occur at the hotel as well. Examples include dark shadows, unexplained knocks, and even many individuals experiencing physical complications. If you want to experience perhaps one of the world's most haunted hotels, you should visit the Schooner Hotel today.

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